Support Our Andaman Youths

I received an invitation to the opening of a restaurant in Beribi. I told my secretary that I won't be coming. However I did not realise the persistence of the organisers. They called me up again and sweet talked me into attending it. I was wondering who these people were. But you know what? I am glad I attended because I think this is the group of people that we need for the future of Brunei - with the persistence and perseverance to do things.

The group known as the Koperasi Belia Kitani (Our Youths Cooperative), a cooperative society registered under the Cooperatives Society Act is made up of the largest demographic group in the population of Brunei - our youths. The cooperative society formed a public company called the KBK Berhad which can operate anywhere and in anything in Brunei Darussalam. Led by professional youths, among them a university lecturer and a seasoned albeit young businessman, the group had been making itself very active.

Last night, they launched the Andaman Restaurant and Catering Services at the Andaman Restaurant in Beribi (next to Thomson Furniture). Their professionalism showed in organising the launching ceremony from the care in the preparation of the dishes and cutlery to the seating arrangements. It was the first time in Brunei for a long time that I can remember that I was served by Bruneians with food cooked by Bruneians and the whole event organised by Bruneians. Even all the performances were done by Bruneians. Even though last night was the official launching, but they have been very busy over the last few months. The restaurant had been opened since January but the only patrons were the youths themselves and they criticised each other to iron out and improve their services. Over the Chinese New Year too, they have been asked to do a number of catering services.

The Andaman Restaurant itself has a beautifully designed logo. Even though the theme of the restaurant is back to nature, the name Andaman was not named after the Andaman Sea. Andaman apparently is a play on words and comes from the word Mak Andam. Mak Andam as you know is the elderly person who accompanies and supposed to help look after the groom and bride and supposedly teach or guide them through the wedding ceremony. Part of the restaurant not only does catering services but they are also able to do a wedding package from being a planner to providing all the food - and hence, Mak Andam - Andaman. At the end of the ceremony, someone remarked that the Andaman can also stand for Andang Nyaman. I agree - their signature Andaman Lamb Stew is probably among the best lamb dish I have ever tried.

The restaurant itself is fairly small but given the tasty dishes they offer, I think they would no doubt need a bigger place in no time. The noble aim of the group in providing employment and business opportunities for our local youths should be lauded and supported by the rest of us Bruneians. If our youths can stand on their own two feet and help to diversify the economy, I think that we should support. The opportunity to invest in the company is still open. So, do come to Andaman Restaurant and have that Andaman Lamb Stew and get that application form in as well.


Anonymous said…
Tuan Besar BR, what can I say... you are truly a nationalistic and futuristic leader of the nation! YES! Your kind support of the new breed of Enterprising Youths of Brunei Darussalam is exemplary. If only all top bureaucrats and technocrats in His Majesty's Government share your vision, then rest assured this Abode of Peace will not only be an earthly paradise but also altruistically A ROLE MODEL NATION of the WORLD!

I'm glad we are of Generation-X. :)
Brunei Foodies said…
More photos of the launching at Brunei Restaurant Review. Lets support our local youth people ;)

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