A Bruneian in a Foreign City

Nothing on Brunei at all today, so if you are looking for one, read next week's entries when I am back in Brunei. For today, I am a photoblogger.

Yesterday we had an interesting day. We spent the whole morning negotiating for the treaty and then spent the late afternoon and evening walking along the streets, using rickshaws and state of the art metro system opened just a few months ago and then dinner in one of the back streets. I don't know how much germs and dust we collected along the streets. For those keeping track of what we do here, you will be pleased to know we nailed the treaty. That's two treaties ready to be sign anytime as soon as it gets through the approval process.

One of the interesting thing we discovered is that how loyal the local wives are to their husbands. The wives when they are on motorcycles will not be wearing helmets as it may smudge the red dot they have their own heads which indicated that they are respectable married ladies. I was searching for the best photo shoot of an unhelmeted lady passenger and it was not that easy but I found one slightly blurred here. The ladies are so loyal that they fasted for their husbands once a week.

The rest of today's entry are some candid shots that I took along the streets and from the car.

Help! All the lights are on! Which one do we follow? And oh Mr. Policemen, where are you going?

Left Turn Not Free? Why? Someone help me out here.

Subhanallah! I am not sure whether the hotel is good or bad.

Hmm... photostat... hmm... here?

This is among the smallest toilet I have ever been in. Surprisingly there are two urinals in there but if you can squeeze two people in, there is really not much room left to open the door. And the latch is outside and not inside.


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