Brunei Cartoons by Lat

In 1981 or 1982, I remembered reading in the Singapore Straits Times, Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid or better known as Lat, the famous Malaysian cartoonist went to Brunei and published a few drawings on his visit to Brunei. The Brunei series was published for around a week with about 6 drawings from that visit. At that time I was a student in Singapore and all the Brunei students in the hostel that we were staying in then were very excited. Other than a few drawings based on his visits abroad, Lat's cartoons generally reflect his view about Malaysian life and the world.

I found the drawings again very recently in a series of books containing all the drawings that Lat had published. Lat published some 30 odd books and the one that contained the Brunei drawings are in the book entitled Lat and His Lot Again (Berita Publishing Sdn Bhd IBSN 9679694046) which is the sixth in the series.

What I particularly enjoyed about Lat is his ability to capture at a single stroke what the essence of that drawing is. You can't get it more succint than what Lat has already done. He did 6 drawings - 4 on Kampong Ayer, 1 on Seria and 1 on the Churchill Museum which I already featured here about two months ago. Here are some of the six drawings that appeared in the book.


Anonymous said…
Lat is not only popular amongst cartoon afficianados in this part of the world but also in Japan. I have a Japanese friend who would visit Singapore and Malaysia at least once a year and never left for home without a copy of Datuk Lat's latest series. Lat is truly a Malay icon in his own right.

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