New Moon Sighting 2009

Last year I was at the Bukit Shahbandar Moon Sighting Tower. This year I could not make it but I was also warned in advance that the chances of sighting the hilal was, not to put a finer word, next to impossible. The moonset occurs before the sunset. So the new moon was below the horizon at the time of the sighting.

According to which produced the chart above, there were only a few places in the world where the new moon can be sighted, so if there is anyone out there who saw the new moon, it would indeed be a special gift for them. Anyway, I wish everyone to have a Happy Ramadhan starting tomorrow. Don't forget the Terawih Prayers start tonight.


I saw this on ebay and put up a price for this. Unfortunately I did not put up a price too high and the bidder who waited till last minute bought this for $31. Since I can't own the actual physical photograph, I am borrowing the image so that Bruneians out there can see what Brunei looked like in the late 1960s / 1970s.

How do I know it is the late 1960s? The clues are the the Dewan Bahasa Building and the Bahtera near the mosque. The Bahtera was completed in 1967 and the Dewan Bahasa around 1968. The Old Police Station was still in front of the mosque and that was demolished around 1982. This photo can only be taken between 1968 to 1982. Other clues would be to look closely at some of the government buildings such as the Secretariat etc. That would pinpoint the photograph's date further.


Gembo said…
Salam BR,
Same here, I have always been guided by for the past few years. But Allah knows best, and for all we knew Allah will bless any of His servant with an extra day of feast, or the treat of Ramadhan.

Salam Ramadhan to you and family.

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