I was at the opening ceremony of BRIDEX's conference yesterday and listened to General Ul Haqq of Pakistan giving the keynote address. I have not been to BRIDEX before and neither have I been to the new exhibition centre. My comments? I was very impressed with the organisation of the conference and the exhibition halls and no doubt this will be a much better site to hold exhibitions and other what nots in the future.

Jane's which as many of readers know, is one of the most respected sources of information and analysis on theglobal defence industry, has been appointed to co-organise yesterday's conference and workshops. Jane's will also publish the Show Daily magazines.

This morning His Majesty will officially open BRIDEX 2009.

What is BRIDEX 2009?

Just in case you are still wondering, BRIDEX stands for the Brunei International Defence Exhibition. BRIDEX is the premier defence & security event in South East Asia. BRIDEX 2009 taking place from 12 to 15 August 2009 is held at the brand new purpose-built exhibition centre located within a natural terrain setting on a prime ocean-facing site in Jerudong.

The promo leaflet states that, built on a 26 acre site in the Royal Brunei Polo & Riding Club, just five minutes away from the Empire Hotel & Country Club, exhibitors and visitors benefit from 10,000 square metres of modern air-conditioned exhibition halls; 5,000 square metres adjoining apron space for static displays; a mobility park and marina for live demonstrations of equipment and systems; chalets, restaurant and hospitality facilities.

The design of the venue ensures that exhibitors have easy access during the build and breakdown. The column-free exhibition hall has 3m/9.84ft clear headroom throughout and the exhibition floor has been designed to support heavy military vehicles.

Where is it exactly?

Go to Jerudong Park and head towards the JPMC but instead of turning left at the first security check to go to JPMC, go straight and you will in no time see the BRIDEX exhibition halls. You can't miss it. It's the building with the dome in the middle. There is a conference hall in a separate building. This is the one where the conference was held yesterday.

I am not sure whether cars are allowed in. What you can do is actually park at one of the carparks around the Jerudong Park playground and food eateries and take a shuttle ride from there.


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