Issues in The Golden Warisan Volume 2

Today I thought I will spend a bit of time answering Tun Teja who raised these issues with my new book, The Golden Warisan Volume 2 (which is available for sale now):-

Q1. loving ur new book mr BR. i have some qs though, how come sultan muhammad ali in ur makam d luba article ada haji to his name but in ur civil war artcle, nada.. im curious raja dulu2 ada naik haji? n how? ..i tot raja yg baru2 sja yg naik haji starting smja II or sultan ahmad tajuddin, no?

Answer: I have not been very consistent with the usage of haji etc and remember these are articles which are written weekly and sometimes inconsistencies like this arise. Naik haji is not an issue as ordinary people naik haji either through overland route or through trading vessels. Obviously it takes longer (in the early 1900s, my late father in law took 6 months to go and come back from haj). Remember Islam reached Brunei from both routes by the 14th centuries. Sultan Muhammad Ali was reigning around 300 years later.

Q2. n abt awg semaun,d grandad sang aji was childless..but ipai samiring married his daughter??

Answer: The paragraph you mentioned should have added an extra sentence that says even though he was childless but eventually he had a daughter which Ipai later married. Again remember these are legends and we will never know the truth of these legends.

Q3. n how come sultan kamaludin jauh gravenya?away frm kota batu area?

Answer: Bruneians live along the river and palaces shifted. In fact, the Sultans' graves can be found from Kota Batu and at Temasek. Luba is only a few miles away from Temasek.

Q4. ive also heard of a grave found n knw as raja junjungan near a river kwsan kan mnuju k limbang at junjungan x.. whos that raja? how come nda grand gravenya eh? no grand tombstone or tambak.. even grave sultan hasan pun nda grand.

Answer: Waris Kayan kindly answered that for me. It is someone called Raja Alwi. Most likely he was a Chieftain rather than a Sultan. I already wrote an article about that which was publishd in BT about two months back. This will be published in Volume 3 by the end of the year.

Q5. btw mr BR, ive seen pic of 'istana' sultan ahmad tajuddin in a ubd produced book, something abt kg ayer; that lookd lyk an ordinary double storey house, msh ada ard ka d house?

Answer: I am not sure about this without seeing the photograph. But an Istana is somewhere where the Royal Family stays. Even the small temporary wooden house which Sultan Ahmad stayed in Tantaya during the Second World War was called Istana but it was far from being grand.

Hope that helps.


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