We need goals alright. The Minister and I were at the Track and Field Stadium last night watching our MOD team beat the MCYS team at the inter-ministry football final. The scoreline was a very flattering 5-0 in our favour!

The MOD team played well as a team and we were especially proud of a number of players who were unselfish and worked hard as individuals winning balls and not giving up. Not to mention a number of them took part that morning in the gruelling 40 km bicycle expedition organised by our ministry in commemoration of HM's 63rd Birthday. Well done everyone!

The MCYS team had skills, that much we can see. However luck was not on their side in the first half when MOD scored two goals. They worked hard and even hit the post and the bar. Had those two gone in, we would have a much harder game. But as it is in football, it was the MOD team that scored three more in the second half. Bad luck but the scoreline was certainly flattering to MOD. The game was not a one sided affair despite the lopsided scoreline.

I haven't been to a football match and watched the entire match for a long time. It was certainly good to go to a game where your team won.


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