The Golden Legacy Vol.2

This is the backcover of the book. Not much different from the first one if you remember. My artistic sister says that since I have named the first book volume 1, I had to follow the same design for volume 2. I am beginning to regret naming the first book volume 1 but I gues it is the contents that matter.

I was hoping that the printers would be able to print all the books but unfortunately no. The advance copies they give me was on Thursday but so far they have not confirmed when the rest would be coming other than sometime next week. So, don't look for the book at the bookshops, it is still not there yet. Meanwhile, I do have advance copies for sale at my office at $15 each.

I am giving away 50 books as I have mentioned yesterday. So far I have received only one email and she definitely will get one.

Enjoy your Sunday.


jackylicl said…
I come from Hong Kong, I want to ask how can buy these two books?Can you help me to order one for each book?My email is Terima Kasih

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