Kuih Keria and Changes

We stopped by at my parents' and my mother in law yesterday and got loaded with lots of food. No matter how old you are, parents still dote on you and make sure you get enough to eat, though in my case, clearly way too much. Anyway, one of the delicacies we got was an old favourite of mine, Kuih Keria.

Kuih Keria is both a Brunei and a Malaysian dish. There was a time when I tried to write the origins of many of the Malay delicacies but eventually I gave up. Nobody remembers and worse, it is not even documented unless I can find really old recipe books. However during sungkai, my wife remarked that today's Kuih Keria does not look the same as what she used to make or rather help her mother make many many years ago. My mother in law was a famous kuih maker in Muara Town and sold many kuihs in the local shops then.

According to her, the Kuih Keria in the 1960s were not the doughnut shaped of today. Kuih Keria used to be a figure 8 - two holes. That was interesting. When did it lose the other bit and became completely round instead of figure 8?

But it is not just Kuih Keria. Kuih Gatas too have changed. It used to be palm sized and not the small size of today.

Apparently wajid used to be made and sold in the open cut and not wrapped in leaves as the wajid of today.

Yesterday, I also saw an interesting change for kuih seri muka. Kuih Seri Muka used to be cut as well. The ones that I saw was apparently made in a thumb size container instead of being cut from a large piece. So each piece was small and cute.

So, keep your eyes open and your ears open to see what else have made the changes when you look at your sungkai later this evening.


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