Brunei Halal

Everyone was queuing to get a nice reusable bag with this Brunei Halal logo yesterday including my better half and me. At first we did not want to queue but the entire ICC was full with people with green bag with this logo, we did it too. The most important thing is that the Brunei Halal logo is up and running. I really hope that our local food producers can use this logo branding and exploit it to sell their products. There are many challenges faced by our local manufacturers, for example high costs of the supply chain. In addition there is also relatively high labour costs as well as high imported costs of raw materials. I know my colleague at MIPR is working his * off in getting the assistance required. We should all work together to help them too.

Anyway, I thought the crowd was as equally enthusiastic as previous crowds. The food products interesting but there were one or two surprises. If I was a judge, the one that wins the most interesting claims is a drink product made from a flower, Rosella or hibicus. It tasted nice but boy oh boy. It claims to be able to do the following:-

See. It can do pretty much help you with anything from high blood pressure to helping you reduce your dependency on narcotics and cigarettes and on top of all those, it can help you 'meningkatkan gairah seks' (!) And best of all it cost only 80 cents a bottle! I tried it. It does taste nice though. Did it work? Hmmmmm.......


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