The Golden Warisan Volume 2

For those keeping track of the publication of my book 'The Golden Warisan Brunei Darussalam Volume 2' will be pleased to know that the book will be available from Monday. I have an advance few copies which I will make available for sale to people who has time to drop in to my office starting from this morning. The book is 1/3 thicker than last time and the price is unfortunately too $15 instead of last book's $12. It is thicker and has more information but I do have to pay more for the printing of the book. So I do hope you will bear with me.

What are the contents? This is the compilation of 2008 Golden Legacy articles that I have written for Brunei Times as follows:-

Berjanawari: The River Regatta Festival
Brunei Places Named After Native Words
Family Relationship Monikers in Brunei
Kampong Tanjung Nangka: Legend Trove
Brunei Lore’s Samurai, Genies and Fairies
Rural Tutong, Brunei’s Different Side
The Tobacco Smoking Tradition in Brunei
An Abridged History of Modern Brunei
Enforcers: Brunei’s Police Then and Now
A Brief History of the Legislative Council
A Bruneian’s Castle: National Housing
Town and Country Planning in Brunei
100 Years of Quality Water Supply
A History of Sanitation Services in Brunei
Maulidur Rasul Processions in Brunei
Before Oil: Brunei’s Cutch Revolution
Prosperous Rubber Plantations in Brunei
World, Cosmic Matter? See Survey Department
The day the Armada challenged Brunei
“Bunga telur”: Gifts lavished at weddings
Awang Semaun: Tale of a Brunei Warrior
Information Department shapes Brunei
NDPs spur growth in Brunei’s economy
Brunei under the Japanese occupation
Padang Besar plays key role in Brunei
A curious look at Brunei’s gambling past
Introduction to Brunei Honours system
Centuries old Brunei Weaving Industry
The Kris: The traditional Malay Weapon
The Sultan who thwarted Rajah Brooke
Preserving Brunei’s Traditional Anyaman
Kampong Pancur Murai Tells Its Origin
Civil War Wrecks Chaos in Brunei
Methods used to measure Fasting Month
Loss of Labuan Island, a former Brunei island
Masjid SOAS 50th Anniversary
How Brunei lost its northern province
Celebrating a festive occasion in Brunei
Resting Place for Remains of Pious Sultan
From Bandar Brunei to BSB 38 years ago
History of Brunei Students in Singapore
National Stadium celebrates its 25th year
The Brunei Sultan who died in China
The Reign of Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin
Sultan Muhammad Jamalul Alam
Sultan Abdul Momin Restores Peace
Reign of Sultan Omar ‘Ali Saifuddin II
Sultan Tengah – Sarawak’s First Sultan
Epilogue 1 - My Take
Epilogue 2 - Bandar Seri Begawan: An Ancient Capital, A New City

This book has two extra articles which I wrote much earlier which is My Take, a short article which served as an introductory article to the Golden Legacy column and another short article which I wrote for Muhibah magazine. To make amends for the omission last time, I have also included the bibliography of books which I used as references.

FREE BOOKS. For my previous book, I gave them away to school teachers. This time round, I am giving books away to history students. I am giving away one book to any history student and no more than two students per school. So email me with your full name, your form, your school and the name of your school history teacher. I have 50 books to give away. I won't give my email but if you have been keeping up with this blog, you will know what the email is. I will not accept any other means of communicating your name, and the sequence of receiving emails will be determined by the way it is arranged by yahoo mail. I can't be any more fairer than that.


ungkayah said…
wow i gotta have ds! =) congratulations sir! semua bookstore kah ada nie nanti?
H.M. said…
Hi Mr BR,

I added your book to Open Library here:

I haven't finished adding the information and obviously as this is your book, you might be interested in adding some details yourself. :) But even if you're not, I thought you'd be interested to know.

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