The Haze according to Cuboiart

Every now and then when I read the Borneo Bulletin, I would be smiling and there are times when I would be chuckling and if it is really hillarious, laughing out loud. If I do that, that would mean that I have come across cartoons written or rather drawn or created by Cuboiart, Brunei's finest satirical cartoonist.

These two cartoons are about the haze that we are facing at the moment especially open burning. Sometimes people don't seem to care that we have dry weather. Our neighbours did it the other day. The small woods behind his house caught fire after his burning of his rubbish at the back of his house went haywire. Luckily the fire was controllable, otherwise I would hate to think what would have happened.

Despite the rain, water levels have continued to come down at the Tutong River. The Water people had to release some water from the Benutan Dam to raise the water level at Tutong River. The rains have all fallen down the coasts and not much has landed where it is needed the most - at the catchment areas. So, I still urge people to save water despite the seemingly wet spell we have at the moment.


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