Night Market in Gadong, Bandar

Adib Noor
Bandar Seri Begawan
Sunday, April 17, 2016

TAMU Gadong night market, more commonly known as Pasar Malam, is one of the sultanate’s unique treasures.

It’s charm, quaint ambience and the friendly hawkers are a big draw. People who had experienced the tamu’s pleasant atmosphere are bound to visit it again.

Located close to Gadong, one of Brunei’s busiest central business district, Pasar Malam, comes alive as early as 4.30pm with brisk business until its closing time at around 11pm.

The market provides visitors with a wide range of choice — from authentic traditional Malay Kueh to the popular grilled favourites such as Ayam Golek, Ayam Salai, BBQ fish and many more. This apart, there are fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, toys and accessories among other things.

“I love Pasar Gadong, all I need is $10 and I can eat like a king,” says Rafie Nasiruddin. “Sometimes I get so much into it I buy more food than I can handle,” he adds.

Although the competitive and cheap-priced mouth-watering delights are a big attraction, there is no denying the magic that comes from the friendly vendors.

“We’ve been selling our Satay here for more than 20 years now. The first initiative was taken by my father and now I’m taking his place,” shares a market veteran , who likes to be known as Md Adi.

Adi says his Satay is made as per his grandfather’s original recipe that includes the rich and tasty peanut sauce.

“It’s always a treat to see familiar faces, especially the regular customers who come here for their favourite Satay right after their work day.”

“We love getting to know new customers especially tourists, we get to talk to them and it is always fun to share about our country with them, it’s always nice to see their reaction when they take a bite of our burgers and find out how cheap they are,” shares Bow of Bowgers who sells his own homemade burgers at Pasar Malam.

“Pasar Malam is a must for me and my friends during the fasting month. We usually drop by taking our time looking for the perfect treat to break the fast amongst the crowd, bump into familiar faces along the way and just eat at the parking lot,” says Rafie.

“We kind of grew up here. I’ve been helping out at my family’s stall since I was six years old. We have met many familiar faces and seen them come and go. But for most of us who have been here for more than 10 years Pasar Malam is like a home to not only us but our customers as well,” says Mastika Hj Zain,

Words cannot do Pasar Malam justice. The only way to experience it is to drop by the market and get to know the vendors, explore and enjoy the eats and savouries at the sultanate’s best known place.

The Brunei Times


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