HBT 2012 Brunei 2 Indonesia 0

What is there to say?

Except... Ole... Ole... Ole... Ole... Brunei 2 Indonesia 0. Our young Tebuans have beaten the young Garudas! Since the tournament was organised by Brunei since 2002, this is the first time that Brunei have won the cup. It is also the first time that Brunei has been able to past the group stage. It is also the first time that Brunei has been able to go to the semi-final. It is also the first time to go to the finals.

Congratulations to the young Tebuans!

Let me also congratulate my Minister, Pehin Dato Haji Hazair for making sure that this tournament is restarted after the last one in 2007 and all the tough calls that he had to make behind the scenes. His leadership and attention to details. Round of applause please. Let me also congratulate my colleague, Dato Haji Hamid Jaafar who worked tirelessly not just to organise the tournament but also to help coach and mentor the team. Without him, the tournament would not have taken place and the team would not have been able to win. I have always enjoyed whenever he played football representing Brunei in the 1980s. It certainly takes a footballer who knows how to play that we could have a great and winning team.

Congratulations too to the joint chairpersons of the working committee - Hajah Norlah, Director of Youth Development Division, Haji Malik, Director of Youth and Sports Department and to Dato Haji Abdul Rahman Mohiddin, President, National Football Association Brunei Darussalam who made sure that all the arrangements are made. Congratulations to all the members of the committee who worked tirelessly behind the stage  to ensure that the tournament is run well.

There are many lessons learned from the tournament. Tickets, security etc. Hopefully this will not be repeated in the future. In the meantime, Congratulations to everyone for supporting Brunei Darussalam! BRUNEI YAKIN!


Anonymous said…
Dear Sir,

Yes Salute to out Young Tabuans, but lets just not end there, may i humbly suggest, for them to spent time and express how they felt and experienced esp in the context of PATROITISM to their youth supporters at every schools and education institutions to promote Youth Development.


Major(Rtd) Hj Mahadee BHD
BruneiYouth said…
Lets not stop here tuan, this team played in local leagues, caught coaching staffs eye and got selected and the rest is history. So youth develoment is the way forward. The best thing is after this win that the players wont retire coz they are still young unlike post 1999 winning team! So KKBS inject more funds for youth in sports! And help the local league. Revive back Brunei Youth Team!
Anonymous said…
Its wonderful how these younger players can ignite the everyone, regardless of what sport...you see, im a softball player also representing our beloved Brunei...but unfortunately we lack in grass root developement....is there anyway or ideas is resolve it?...i have seen rugby doing it, so why softball isnt?....

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