100 Year Old Brunei Postcard

I won this postcard on the ebay recently. This is probably one of my earliest dated postcard about Brunei that I currently have in my collection. And unlike the others which are photographs with stamps, this particular postcard is a confirmed postcard.

What's amazing about it, it is about 100 years old. The card is postmarked year 1915 but if you look at the content of the postcard, the writer used the year of 1913. It is most likely that the postcard was written around 1913 and posted in 1915. There is also a possibility that the card itself is older than 1913.

This postcard would be making its appearance on the cover of my fourth book which hopefully will be out by the middle of this year.

There are two intriguing things about this postcard. One is the Brunei family or group of people - who are they? Which kampong was this taken? Secondly, when you read the content, the writer noted that this is one of 4 postcards that he was sending - what and where are the other three? Are they also postcards showing Brunei scenes a hundred years ago? The mind boggles.

In the meantime enjoy this 100 year old Brunei postcard.


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