Kampong Ayer

One of my nephews emailed me and asked whether I got anything on Kampong Ayer. He needed it for his final year project. I had to scratch my head and asked whether anything much has been printed about Kampong Ayer academically. I presumed there was plenty but off hand I can't remember much. Most of what I do know is historical but my nephew needed the studies for much more than that.

Luckily I am on a two day MC. My left leg had cellulitis and is very painful. I had a shot of anti-biotics and had to rest my leg. Anyway, that gave me plenty of time to look around my study and to see whether I got anything. I found this rather old book published about 15 years ago. It's a mother lode of articles that are needed for one to cross reference anything on Kampong Ayer.

The book was published by the Brunei Studies Academy of UBD in commemoration of an international symposium on Kampong Ayer back in September 1996. The book contained every known article written and published in Brunei about Kampong Ayer from 1970 to 1996. Altogether there are 26 articles published.

The articles are indeed varied. One was entitled "The Postal Services in Brunei's Water Town" written by JA Davidson. Another "The Changing Socio-Economic Profile of Kampong Ayer and Environmental Implications" written by Chi, Cleary and Ta. Goh Kim Chuan wrote about "Garbage Production and Disposal in Kampong Ayer and Environmental Implications". Teh Pick Ching wrote about "An Experiment to discover Mathematical Talent in a Primary School in Kampong Ayer". Haji Idris (now YB Dato Paduka Haji Idris) wrote about "Evolution of the National Capital" with Kampong Ayer being part of it. Anyway, you get the picture.

Books like these can't be purchased. Tomorrow I will have to photocopy it and send it over to my nephew. Hope he can use this.


alvinchua said…
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alvinchua said…
Hi, I'm an architecture student who like to take Kampong Ayer as my case study, can I get a copy of this book from you if you are okay with it? This is my email address alvin_jiun_jiun@hotmail.com , looking forward for your reply, thanks!

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