New Kampong Ayer

This morning's announcement on the construction of houses under the Pilot Project to Upgrade Kampong Ayer, involving open areas in Mukim Peramu and Mukim Saba in Kampong Ayer, hopefully will make Kampong Ayer a better place especially as these houses that are to become model homes using environmentally-friendly material so that they are sustainable and safe for the environment.

Its implementation is scheduled to begin in April and is expected to be completed at the year's end. Two types of houses will be built - 16 'A' type conventional houses and 49 'B' type, two-storey houses. Amongst the features of the houses that will be constructed is the use of environmentally friendly building materials which will replace the timber which is usually used for the houses in Kampong Ayer. The spacing between the houses will also be taken into account to ensure further safety whilst also reducing the risk of fires in Kampong Ayer.

The pilot project will also include a network of integrated connecting walkways, with landscapes, and other facilities.

For this Pilot Project, two multi-purpose areas will also be constructed for gatherings and recreational activities. The vacuum sewerage system for this area is the government initiative to provide a raw sewage management system for Kampong Ayer that is both systematic and hygienic. This is already in used in the Kampong Bolkiah A and B.

This sewerage system, is planned to be extended in the future to all areas of Kampong Ayer to make significant impact upon the preservation of the environment and water in the Brunei River.

The Public Works Department (JKR) is responsible for the design and the carrying out of the construction but the placement of the owner/occupant is still being discussed, so stop contacting the Housing Developmet Deparment. Bear in mind that unlike other Kampong Ayer houses, another important feature of the project is the issuance of ownership titles to the house owners.


de los ojos said…
I understand that brunei has not yet submitted its NAPA? Hasn't it formulated its NAPA yet? what is the official position of Brunei Darussalam with regard climate financing and technology transfer?
Anonymous said…
When people built building on land they do site clearing and preparation. I hope the planner will also do the same here and not simply start work with all the rubbish and the top smelly mud not remove. They should remember that the area was previously occupied, not like the area developed by the Yayasan. Just look at the new Kg Ayer Muzium building. The planner just simply built the structure without any proper site preparation.

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