Old Brunei Pelaminan

My cousin posted this photo of my aunt and my uncle getting married .... in 1954! The family had fun commenting on the photo and one of my aunties pointed out that the date of the wedding was also painted on the pelaminan. The year is visible but unfortunately the rest of the date is not very visible.

What I was interested in was the simplicity of the pelaminan. Compared to today's pelaminan, this one is very simple. Not to mention, it is also very crowded and very narrow. I didn't realise you can get that many people on the wedding dais.

The British connection is very strong too. Look at the Union Jack flag and the Brunei flag on the wedding dias' frame. A number of old photographs showed how closed the British are considered then. You would find many old photographs where people would be holding up the two flags together.


AAB said…
Assalamualaikum, hi. I'd really like to use/take some of your pictures (such as this one, for show casting how traditional bruneian clothes were back then) posted for educational purposes. I hope you'd give me the permission. Please contact me if you disagree, I'd understand.

thank you

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