Greetings from Bangkok

Greeting from Bangkok!

I am here together with representatives of the world are meeting in Bangkok for the first 2012 round of climate change talks. This is the first meeting since the Cancun Agreements were reached in December 2010, which laid the foundation on numerous fronts towards achieving a fair, ambitious and binding global agreement to curb climate change in the future.

The UNFCCC in Copenhagen in 2009 have not been successful. However in Cancun in 2010, there was a fragile compromise which helped put the UN negotiations back on track. There are hopes that at this round of climate change talks in Bangkok, the meeting will ge able to build on the progress made on certain issues in Cancun and greatly increase their levels of ambition if we are to avert the worst consequences of climate change.

In Bangkok delegates will need to create the roadmap to reach it. This requires real progress on mobilizing climate finance and raising ambition by eliminating loopholes that undermine mitigation pledges. And by Durban, those headline pledges should also be increased.

To be successful, by the end of the week:

1. We agree on a work plan and timetable to establish the institutions for adaptation, finance and technology outlined in the Cancun Agreements. The institutions become capable of mobilizing and managing the financial and technical resources that developing countries need to pursue low-carbon development.

2. We negotiate innovative sources of climate financing. The Cancun Agreements established the financial institutions to support mitigation and adaptation projects in developing countries, but did not agree on a process of how to generate sources of finance to fill the fund.

3. We resolve the contradiction of their less than 2 °C warming commitment, as made in the Cancun Agreements, with the actual pledges that they have put on the table. Developed countries in particular need to show leadership on this.

I am not optimistic though.... Wish us luck.


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