Jalan Sultan

You know, not many people cycle nowadays. This postcard of Jalan Sultan in the 1960s is very interesting with these three girls cycling. These girls must be grandmothers by now. It would be interesting to know who they are. Interestingly enough, the traffic light was on. That traffic light at the corner of Jalan Sultan and Jalan Chevalier (now Jalan Pemancha) is the very first traffic light in Brunei Darussalam.


fahek rani said…
The roads looked very wide then! They were probably going back from school? Or maybe the old youth centre, which was the original purpose of the current TAIB building right?

Usol-nya gambar ani kana ambil dari dapan bangunan TAIB atu-lah macham baru kan start cycling kan?
fungz_rigz said…
assalammualaikum to all?,,,
i wanna know if still there in brunie they called kampong sim-sim or istana lama?,,, aku ingin tahu kalau ia masi wujud kat situ,
benar2,,, kalau sudi bagi tahu ani email aku,
aR said…
kg sultan lama brgkali maksud c pungz ani. Btw sir BR, i dropped u an e-mail.
aR said…
hyw pungz, sim-sim is at sabah i think!
Jasmine said…
Love this picture. The cycling girls and the old shop houses look really nostalgic!

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