Tanaman Hiasan in Brunei

The other day I got this book from Dewan Bahasa. It's a really thick book about 440 pages thick. But it certainly is a goldmine or treasure trove of all the decorative trees that you ever want to know that exist in Brunei Darussalam.

A few years ago, I wouldn't need such a book and I guess most of you out there don't need one. But once you have your own house, there is always this instinct that you need to start decorating it especially the lawns around your houses. You start noticing what your neighbours planted and you start to frequent the Horticulture Centre at Rimba. Pretty soon, you started asking for people's plants whenever you drop in during Hari Raya. One thing about plants is that once you are really interested, you don't feel shy about minta the benih or even for the plant itself.

But surprisingly most times, you wouldn't know the name of the plants. Some plants have local names which makes it easy. Most times you go to the Horticulture Centre with a picture of the plant in your head and you try to search for it. Now, this is where this book comes in handy. This book has all the photographs, the names and the description of all those plants. It's handily divided into the different types of plants from the biggest trees down to the littlest shrubs. So, if you happen to be in Dewan Bahasa and have $30 in your pocket, go get one.


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