Memories of Iran

After the morning event yesterday, I spent sometime going through and rearranging my digital photographs collection and I came across my photographs while I was in Iran last April or May. I was attending the Asia Pacific Housing Ministers Meeting. I thought I will show a few interesting photographs during my trip.

Together with my officers, we dropped in at the makam of Ayatollah Khomeini who was Iran's spiritual leader. The makam was still under construction, the main dome has not been completed despite the 20 year period since he passed away. The makam is huge and the actual grave of Ayatollah Khomeini is in another smaller enclosure. He was buried there together with his son.

Many visitors donated money. In the second photograph we can see lots of paper money lying around the walls. There is a small opening in the glass walls you can put through. Every day the money is collected and given away to charity.

Around that makams, there are a number of other makams for other imams who were buried there. In Iran, it is interesting to note that they have photographs of the people who were buried there.


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