Photographs Request

There was a request in the box for a signing of the Brunei Constitutiton photo. As far as I can tell the Constitution was not signed in public. The constitution was and is part of Brunei Laws. However what was signed at the same time of the launch of the constitution was the 1959 Brunei-UK Agreement which replaced the 1906 Agreement. This replaced the British Resident with the new British High Commissioner. This Agreement mirrors the changes in the Constitution and allows for internal self rule with the exception of defence and foreign affairs.

The second request was a photograph of Japanese soldiers. I am not sure what was requested but I do have this photograph of Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin together with the Japanese Army High Command that was here. Though this photogprah was more for public relations by the Japanesea occupying force. The Sultan and his family was forced to run for their life to Tantuya as the Japanese became over bearing in their occupation of Brunei.


Al-Qadr said…
I feel compelled to correct the spelling of Tantaya, BRo (not Tantuya with a u as in Altantuya). Tantaya is near Limbang, I think.

I remember my late father relating to me the story of how Bruneians survived on Sago then (used to make "Ambuyat") as a substitute for rice (strictly rationed by the Japanese Invading Army) in those days of hardship.
Rozan Yunos said…
Thanks Bro. You are right, it should Tantaya. It's the Altantuya which is spelt with a u.

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