Brunei 1955 - Does anyone know the building?

I bought this old photograph from someone in Penang sometime last year. I have posted it before but I did not get any response. This photograph was taken sometime August 1955 and the person who wrote it (at the back of the photograph) told his daughter how tiring his journey was using a jeep to get to Brunei from Miri.

The interesting things about this photograph is that this was probably one of a few photograph taken of Brunei Town without the SOAS Mosque which was built a couple of years later. So there is no impressive mosque in this photograph. The Boon Pang Cinema was still the old Boon Pang Cinema and the new one was not yet built. Of course, that has disappeared today.

What picqued my curiosity is the wooden building to the left of the photograph. The roof structure is insteresting. I was thinking that this was part of the old Kajang Mosque (on the site of today's TAIB Building) but I did not remember it as being that grand. Does anyone know?


orangbrunei59 said…
Is it probably the Pemancha's palace?
Rozan Yunos said…
You just might be right. That would explain why Jalan Chevalier eventually became Jalan Pemancha.
Unknown said…
Probably it was Masjid Pekan Brunei (Marbut Tunggal) built in 1920s during the reign of Sultan Muhammad Jamalul Alam II
My grandfather said, it was a PWD Building beside a motor workshop.
Rozan Yunos said…
hmmm.... i thought it was something grand..... thanks.
Anonymous said…
Almost 10 years later...

Since the location was near to the today's Makam Raja Ayang, i thought it was either the Istana Mas Sugara or the Istana Kaca

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