Musabaqah Al-Quran in Brunei

The musabaqah quran reading competition final will be on tonight and tomorrow will be the results. I wrote an article about the history of musabaqah sometimes last year for the Brunei Times. I don't quite remember whether I have posted that article here or not.

Anyway the short history is that the musabaqah has always been around. Even immediately after the second world war, it was held at Masjid Kajang. Masjid Kajang was the temporary mosque used by Muslims in Brunei while waiting for Masjid SOAS to be built. The photograph is showing how the atmosphere and what the astaka used to look like in those days.

After Masjid SOAS was completed, the musabaqah was held at the Bahtera in the middle of Masjid SOAS lagoon where everyone would be seated by the lagoon watching the finals. I have a photo of that too but I will put that up tomorrow when I post the entire Musabaqah history article.


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