CIPTA 2009

[Note: I remembered promising the CIPTA people I would put up the entry about CIPTA award a few weeks ago. Yesterday, the press release finally arrived, so here it is.]

Press Release

CIPTA 2009
Information & Publicity Committee
Institut Teknologi Brunei

CIPTA is a biennial competition for Creative, Innovative Products and Technological Advancements.

Since its inauguration in 2005, CIPTA has been held twice with a large number of participants. The competition is graced with the patronage of the Crown Prince, His Royal Highness Pengiran Muda Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah. It carries the prestigious Crown Prince’s Creative, Innovative Product and Technological Advancement (CIPTA) award or the Crown Prince’s ‘CIPTA’ Award as grand prize for the overall winner of the competition. The main aim of the competition is to encourage innovation and
creativity for national development in Brunei Darussalam.

Institut Teknologi Brunei has been holding a series of Technical briefings at a number of educational institutions across Brunei Darussalam. The briefings are aimed at promoting the award while at the same time providing further explanation into the rules and regulations of the award. The Technical committee running these briefings also hopes to peak the students’ interest subsequently increasing the number of participants and innovators into the Award.

The Technical briefings started on the 15th of April 2008 and will continue on to other various educational institutes within Brunei Darussalam. The competition is still open for participation until 15th October 2008. There are two categories open to participants. The first is the creation or innovation of a new product, process or technology and the second category requires the participant to modify and existing product, process and technology in a way benefitting the consumers and users alike.

Only one entry is permitted per participant or team and the work presented must be an original, no more than three years old and not awarded in other previous competition.

Any other enquiries regarding the Award should be directed towards the Organisers of the Crown Prince CIPTA Award, Institute Teknologi Brunei by way of the details listed.

For further information and details please contact:

CIPTA Secretariat
Institut Teknologi Brunei
Jalan Tungku Link, Gadong BE1410
Tel: 2 461020 (10 lines)
Fax: 2 461035/6


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