Encounters of the Spooky Kind

To believe or not to believe: that is the question. A slight adaptation of Shakespeare's Hamlet there. We often hear our elders in the past about certain things like not go out at night, be careful in the forests etc. Sometimes we scorned them. Old fashioned. But encounters do happen. When they do, either we believe or start believing or try to find explanations as to what had happened.

This photograph was taken a few years ago using a non-digital camera by PWD senior officers when they visited Belalong. When the photograph was processed, everyone was surprised to see that sitting figure on the rock. This photograph was taken at one of the rapids of Belalong. In fact, I was told that a couple of lady officers even took their photograph on the rock after this photo was taken. But the sitting figure was not in their photograph. It only appeared on this one. The owner of the photograph said that the photograph was not tampered with.

I had my own share of encounters of the unusual kind when playing golf at the Empire during Maghrib. I wrote about it in January last year. I have avoided night golf since then. Yesterday I came across the brunei-irish blog's eerie entry about the triple h hashers experience in Brunei.

Do you believe?


Unknown said…
Interesting picture BR. I've seen this before and was hoping that i might come across this picture again. I believe this was taken more than 10 yrs ago cos i remembered my dad showing it to me when i was only in primary 3 or 4 and i'm now 26. Kalau ku nda silap digital camera pun alum lgi ada bejual di Brunei tu masa atu.. I even remembered it was shown in the RTB news at that time.
CiliQueen said…
Ohh my you dare to post it on ur blog?? hehehe i would have gone panic !!!
I remember I read in Borneo Bulletin decades ago that a Temburong guy has admitted that it was actually him being photographed. The sun must have shone brightly onto him which creates "the spooky kind" image.

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