Bagas Tangan Bu Apsah

My wife bought this book at Best Eastern last night. We have already known about the book from Nina Suria.

The book is a compilation of 'resipi nyaman-nyaman' from Brunei. I am not sure how to translate nyaman-nyaman, but the word that comes to my mind is succulent dishes. Anyway, the book is an early compilation of very nice dishes from Brunei which were prepared by a Brunei lady known as Bu Apsah. Apparently there are many more dishes waiting to be published still kept in the 'kaban' (Brunei word for chest or cupboard).

Bu Apsah is Dayang Halimah @ Hafsah binti Haji Yusof. She became well known by winning many cooking competitions at the Brunei-Muara District level organised by PERTIWI (a women's association) in commemoration of His Majesty's Birthdays' celebrations. Later on she appeared on RTB's programs such as Serikandi and Mari Memasak. She was also well known in Singapore as those programs were shown there when RTB and Mediacorp TV12 of Singapore aired each other's programs. She passed away at the relative young age of 57.

The book is compiled by her daughter, Nina Suria and published by Jemari Seni of Selangor. It only cost $13 and had already been published twice, so there is a huge demand for this book. So get the book from Best Eastern. You don't get that many books published by Bruneians.


Nina Suria said…
Salam BR,
Tabahangga ku skajap masuk kemari ani. Terimakasih sebanyak bintang dilangit

N thank u for supporting n promoting Bagas Tangan Bu Apsah here. So sweet of u :)
abid said…
if i may add...buku selera also published and made in brunei..........
di mana kan membali buku ani? from kota kinabalu, sabah

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