Old Brunei Photographs

I got an e-mail with the following photographs taken of Brunei around 1970s and probably older. These are interesting as I have not seen these photographs before but they are good quality ones for a change.

The bottom three are scenes from the old Tamu which used to be the triangular area immediately behind the Jardine Wharf Building. What do you mean you don't know the Jardine Wharf Building? That's the dilapidated building immediately facing the Padang next to the IBB Takaful Building. That's the building seen in the first photograph. There is an interesting hexaganol shape just at the corner of the padang. I can't quite remember what it was used for but if I am not mistaken, for a time it was used by the parking attendants.


View from NY said…
The triangular space behind the Borneo Cinema used to be the fruits and vegetables market. There was a covered market for fruit stalls and along the side and parallel to the Borneo Cinema are L-shaped open sided market stalls for vegetable stalls.
Of the 3 pictures of market scenes, the top one was actually next to the old fish market. The fish and meat markets were on the same site where the Bumiputra Commercial Complex / TAIB Takaful currently occupies. I grew up around there in the 70s. On Fridays and Sundays, more stalls would sprang up along side and around the car parking spots.
Then as is now, people would complain about the traffic jam and lack of parking etc.

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