Brunei in Asia Magazine 1968

[Note: I am not in Brunei currently. I am recycling materials I posted on my Golden Legacy blogspot (not the newspaper Golden Legacy) where I did some of my writings when I stopped writing for BR last year.]

Remember The Asia Magazine? You don't? I guess you are not old enough then.

The Asia Magazine used to be given away with The Borneo Bulletin many years ago. Then the Borneo Bulletin was only a weekly edition and The Asia Magazine was the accompanying magazine. Nowadays our two national dailies don't give anything anymore which is sad. When I was studying in England, I used to love the Sunday newspapers. The first Sunday I was there, I bought every single one of them. All of them had magazines and it was fun. Later on I stuck to a few but the magazines that accompanied them was the fun bit.

Anyway, this particular copy of the magazine I got especially from the internet for about US$20 I think. I can't remember what price I auctioned it for. I got this one dated 13th October 1968 because there is a special feature of His Majesty's Coronation which took place about a couple of months before the article came out.

The piece about the coronation was not that much. The writer concentrated more on the economy, the social development and the infrastructure development. I won't go through the article as it is fairly dated but I thought I will include some of the photographs from the article for you to enjoy.


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