Brunei's $1 note 1911

For those expecting daily postings, my apologies. I was away in Singapore and only arrived back. I managed to visit a number of philatelist and numismatist agencies in Singapore and managed to find a few gems on Brunei and the region. When I arrived back, there were also a number of items that arrived from ebay.

One of them is the Straits Dollar $1 note of 1911. This is part of the 1906 to 1924 series which the Straits Settlement Government in Singapore issued. This note was legal tender in Brunei way back then. In 1906, the first British Resident McArthur passed a law which makes only the currencies issued by the Straits Settlement Government can be used in Brunei. Though not many Bruneians would have seen the $1 note then as $1 then is worth a lot lot lot more than the $1 of today.


Hi Mr BR, I noticed that there is Jawi/Arabic writing at the bottom part of the note. What does it say?
Rozan Yunos said…
Since you asked, I am forced to read it which I am glad as I have never bothered with it. It says "wang kertas ini kerajaan tiga buah negeri iaitu Singapura, Pulau Pinang dan Melaka mengaku membayarnya".
Thank you Mr BR for reading it and i hope it does not cause strain to your eyes. It explains that those countries were under the British Straits Settlements.

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