Ladies - Getting Married?

Today's posting is the traditional wedding dress for the Brunei bride. Most of the accessories are identical to the groom's accessories. The major difference is the headgear and accessories for the hair. I won't be describing what's identical but only the new items.

For the hair, the bride has to wear the Tajok. This is placed on the head with the hair in a bun. The ornament has flowers arranged in three levels on both left and right sides. To keep it in place, the hair is woven around a stripe of black cloth tied to the ornament.

The Karong Tembusa made of gold and precious stones is placed on the back of the neck (nape) tied with jasmines coiled to the hair and the Tajok to keep in place the position of the Tajok on the head.

On the Tajok is the Ayam-Ayam Bernaga. This is tied with black cloth or or to the hair to prevent it from falling.

The Sisir which is the Malay word for comb is another ornament to be worn during the Berbedak Ceremony. It is slipped into the hair and its position is a little lower than the Tajok.

The final item for the hair is the Bunga Goyang literally the 'shaking flower'. This is placed between the Sisir and the threaded jasmine twined around the head which leads below the nape (below the Karang Tembusa).

Another item for the head which is both worn for male and female is the Serbang. This is placed on the forehead.

The only other major item of difference between the groom and the bride is the Gagatar. This is worn below the nape, tied and joined to the Serbang.

All the other ornaments are similar to both groom and bride such as the Kanching, Panding, Mudapun, Gelang Penguluan dan Gelang Geronchong. However on the arm, instead of the Puntu, the bride uses a smaller bracelet called the Sindat. Of course, the bride does not use the Keris, Kuas or the Kopiah Berpisnin.

Hope that helps everyone who will be getting married this coming December or is helping someone to get married - that you know what ornaments you will be wearing during the wedding ceremonies.


Anonymous said…
as a young boy, i wore my auntie's wedding head-gear for a JOKE.. actually some of the aunties told me too, they even put all the gelang2 on.. it was pretty heavy and as anonymous said in the previous post the ladies too,would have a hard time with the whole set and heavy accessories, especially balancing the head-gear for the whole function..
Anonymous said…
I remembered having to explain to foreign journalists about each gear with this picture as my reference. Hehe..... but the difficult part was to explain WHY we should wear them :)
Anonymous said…
Oh woww pakaian Brunei! This wedding outfit really reminds me of my Mom. She told me once that she enjoyed wearing all the accessories when she got married. Hehe. I have to agree that I really love the accessories. It's so ancient and yet so magnificient.

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