Hari Raya Card from His Majesty

If you are searching for something interesting that I am supposed to be writing about Brunei today, I have to apologise. Today's my first day back to the gym at JPMC after about a two month layoff, so I had an early night last night and a very early morning this morning and hence did not have the luxury of time to think of something interesting to write this morning.

What I do have are two Hari Raya cards which I received via registered mail from His Majesty and Her Majesty Raja Isteri and these are featured below. His Majesty has very kindly consented to sign his card and that's the first time I received a signed card from him and that certainly will be framed. Our family continued to receive Hari Raya cards from HRH The Crown Prince and HRH Pengiran Anak Sarah. I got two, my wife got two and even my 6 year old son got two - all signed! I think it's the way we designed our Hari Raya card this year which looked as if each one of us sent a card each to the Royal couple. Surprisingly the final one we received addressed to my son was a very different photo which we liked much better than the others. HRH Prince Mohamed, the Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister has also very kindly consented to sign his card. I also received two others which are from HRH Princess Rashidah which I mentioned earlier and also HRH Princess Amal Rakiah.

Talking about cards - I remembered when I was doing my Masters in USA, I discovered that the President, then President Bill Clinton sent out cards to people who celebrated their birthdays or students graduating etc. But someone has to tell the White House that. So a friend of mine wrote to the White House telling them that I was graduating and I wrote to the White House telling them that my friend was graduating. And sure enough a couple of days after our graduation, a card signed personally by President Bill Clinton arrived congratulating me on my graduation with a message challenging me to do better. Even though he sent out that same card to thousand others, it felt good to have a card from the White House and I did think that that was a very good PR move by the White House. I am not sure whether they still do that but then someone would have to pay me to receive one from the current holder of that post. Unfortunately I have been searching high and low for that card and I think it got lost with some of my stuffs on the way back to Brunei.

By the way, a few people actually emailed me and asked for my special Hari Raya cards - well I have to tell you that you will definitely get yours through the snail mail. These cards are all signed by everyone of us in the family (all 3 of us!). All I ask is to keep the names in the card under wraps.


Anonymous said…
you mean, we can send cards to the Royal Family?
Anonymous said…
Hie MrBR,

what is the exact address if we want to send any greetings card o the royals?
Anonymous said…
.. greetings card to the royals
Anonymous said…
Didn't know my mom sends you a card :)
Anonymous said…
I'm curious, why the Raja Isteri card do not write Kebawah DYMM and instead its DYMM?

I think you just write the name of the Royalty you want to send the card to and just pun Istana Nurul Iman. The postmen in the country would know what to do :-)

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