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The wedding season is starting to peak - the number of wedding invitations are now mounting. Two of them will be my cousins who will be getting married this December and I have been asked to give the thank you announcement at one of them. Anyway a lot of male Malay Bruneians get married - wear their traditional ornaments but never got to know the names of what they wore. I thought we will spend a little bit of time today just looking at what it is that you have worn or will wear. Enlarging the picture on the right might help a bit. This example is for a Royal Groom but it is still as useful to know.

The hat is known as Kopiah Berpisnin and is used for Berbedak, Bersanding, Berambilan-ambilan and Mulih Tiga Hari.

On the shoulders are the Kuas and is usually studded with precious colourful stones and tasselled.

On the neck will be the Kanching and normally only worn during Berbedak. It is worn on the neck and on the chest which makes it look like a necklace with lockets in tiers.

A smaller looking Kanching called the Mudapun will be worn on top of the Kanching. This is worn together during Berbedak.

On both arms will be worn the Puntu to be worn during the Berbedak ceremony.

Together with the Puntu will be worn the Azimat or Gimat. This is worn slightly lower than the Puntu but only on the right arm.

On both wrists will be worn the Gelang Penguluan. These bracelets are worn during the Berbedak and sometimes worn until the Wedding Day itself.

The belt to hold the kain is called Panding and is usually worn during Berbedak and sometimes during the Berpacar. The head of the Panding, the Kepala Panding is placed exactly on the mid of the abdomen, that is right in front of the Kain Kapit.

The traditional Keris is also worn during Berbedak and is placed into the Panding on the right hip.

On both ankles are placed another pair of bracelets called Gelang Geroncong.

We will have a look at what the ladies will be wearing tomorrow.


FlyBoy said…
Asalamualaykum BR,

The sketch of the male wedding gear brought back memories of my wedding to me. Especially the Malam Berbadak.

I had a typical full-blown malay wedding and wore the whole shebang. Yes, i wore the kuas and kanching on my shoulders, mudapun, puntu, gimat, serbang(which did my head in), the jong sarat, gelang gelangs on my wrists and feet, kopiah and of course the kris.

Now if only someone can tell me who's allowed to throw the uras and spread war paint(forgive my ignorance) on me as those who thronged towards the pelamin were both young and old and married and not.
I reckon it was eveyone at my function because the ceremony lasted me a good hour and then some.

But i did enjoy my wedding. It was fun, chaotic and yet unique and surely the cost and effort put on it is a deterrent for those who want to have a second wedding.
Anonymous said…
Very informative Mr. Br. This gives me an idea to take pictures of those ornaments. Each and every of them. Again, great info.
Anonymous said…
KURANG ANTING2 SAJA mun inda komplit! membari kuat kah ni naindah semua ani?
p o t a t o said…
It'll be interesting to find out about the origins of these items and what they are for, other than for adornment.

Barat usulnya eh. :p
Anonymous said…
unique n special,not wat u'd want to wear everyday..imagine going to work like this..hehe..havin to get up early to put on all those accessories!i heard stories about few grooms collapsing during bebadak (or bepacar?) because of the heavy accessories PLUS spotlight on them for hours!!its challenging for the men ah!
Anonymous said…
Many thanks BR for a wonderful post. Reminds us of our rich heritage and how they should never be forgotten. I have worn some of the pieces during my childhood (time jadi pehawai) but not to the fullest extent obviously. I did not want to upstage the bridegroom ;-) However, it brings to mind, when do Bruneian groom wear dastar and tara? Like flyboy, I'd love to wear the the whole kit and caboodle for my wedding.
What a great post. My friend wore the same dress, him and his wife, in their wedding few months ago, and they're from Indonesia (He's from Aceh and she's from Java). Here is photo:
Saaniya27 said…
Asslamwalykum Br,
The post wast really helpful for my project work, can you give some details about the dress worn during the wedding please.
Saaniya27 said…
Asslamwalykum Br,
The post wast really helpful for my project work, can you give some details about the dress worn during the wedding please.

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