Treasuring the Good Old Times in Brunei

Haji Mohd Daud bin Abd Rahman, the columnist on Borneo Bulletin writing about the past in Brunei had this article recently entitled "Treasuring the Good Old Times" where he reminisced about Brunei in the recent past:


Those old bittersweet memories of the yesteryears can only be remembered. As time passes by, sweet memories of teenage years will not be forgotten especially birthdays, celebrations, relaxing in the old capital Bandar Brunei, and watching boat races in the rivers of Kampong Ayer.

Spending time with friends at the old Customs Wharf with a view of Jalan Residency in the background
(Photo: Hj Mohd Daud Abd Rahman)

Young children and teenagers enjoyed spending their time at the old Customs Wharf in addition to watching boat races, as well as going to the cinemas, coffee shops and other places for entertainment such as brisk walking and going out for leisure. Besides walking around and window shopping, the teenage boys enjoyed resting at home and listening to the local radio station and also from neighbouring broadcast.

Children listening to a radio broadcast which was the only source of media entertainment back in 1959.
(Photo: Hj Mohd Daud Abd Rahman)
Compared to the teenagers of today who would prefer to spend their time loitering and dressing up inappropriately, teenagers back in the day knew how to dress properly and the proper etiquettes to uphold strong Malay morals and values.

Relaxing at the old Customs Wharf while waiting for a boat race in 1959.
(Photo: Hj Mohd Daud Abd Rahman)
The only way to reminisce or remember the good old times back during the days is through photos.
Young teenagers pose in front of Bangunan Lapau in 1969.
(Photo: Hj Mohd Daud Abd Rahman)


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