Resolutions of the 1st Brunei Sports Convention and Expo

HRH The Crown Prince visiting booths at the 1st Brunei Sports Convention and Expo
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This morning, the participants of the 1st Innaugural Sports Convention and Expo at the International Conference Centre in Berakas came out with their resolution after their three day conference.  The convention was officially open by His Royal Highness Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah, the Crown Prince on Tuesday, 6th November 2012.

So what do our sportsmen need? Here are their wishes:-



The inaugural Brunei Sports Convention and Expo 2012 under the patronage of The Honourable Pehin Orang Kaya Pekerma Laila Diraja Dato Seri Setia Haji Hazair bin Haji Abdullah, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Brunei Darussalam held at the International Convention Centre in Berakas on 6 – 8 November 2012, concluded its work by adapting to the following resolutions:

• Recalling that the aim of the Convention is to give special attention and commitment to the development and excellence of sports in Brunei Darussalam,

• Recalling that the aim of the Convention is to inspire and draw attention from the power of sports in Brunei and to promote and encourage equal attraction towards sports from both males and females,

• Welcoming the initiatives undertaken by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, the Department of Youth and Sports, and the respective associations under the Department of Youth and Sports and other government agencies and the private sector to promote public awareness in sports in Brunei Darussalam, knowledge and education on the dynamism and contribution of sports towards the socio-economic development,

Wishing to take advantage of opportunities to highlight and engineer sports excellence in Brunei Darussalam over the next five to ten years, in particular towards achieving success in major sporting events specifically the Southeast Asian Games in 2019.

Participants, delegates and the panel of experts SUPPORTED and WELCOMED the following resolutions:

1. CONGRATULATE the Sports Convention and Expo 2012 Organizing Committee from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, for a successful convention and expo which demonstrated the benefits of working collaboratively in a positive way, especially in strengthening the network committed towards advancing sports excellence.
2. URGE the relevant stakeholders to be more Athlete Centered, Coach Driven and Knowledge Based.

3. REQUEST that the Government implement, reinforce and coordinate policies in high performance programmes with collaborative efforts between relevant ministries and agencies.

4. CALL for good governance, leadership culture and responsibility through the use of integrated approaches with stakeholders of the sports policy that will result in effective and efficient decisions.

5. REQUEST that the national sports associations set their goals and put forward achievable targets aiming for medal prospects in a good time frame leading to the hosting of the Southeast Asian Games in 2019.

6. RECOGNIZE the importance of sports and proactively engaging the nation as a catalyst for peace and unity, holistic wellness and socio-economic development.

7. CULTIVATE a legacy driven sports culture which inspires, motivates and shares skills and opportunities that will continuously allow individuals to grow.

8. ENCOURAGE the Government to include mandatory physical education in school curricula, develop training and improve the status of physical education teachers and sports educators.

9. PRIORITISE high performance sports and long term athlete development programmes with the aim of achieving top regional medalists and gradually to international medalists.

10. IDENTIFY AND FOCUS core sports that can acquire high contribution of medal.

11. UTILIZE current talent identification programmes in order to generate greater quality athletes who are passionate, committed, willing to learn, confident, determined and resilient for the high performance pool.

12. CULMINATE a diverse human resource pool that comprises of coaches, professional athletes supports services, efficient administrative teams, sponsoring parties and reputable media.

13. CALL for coaches who advocate long term development through specific training methods and the use of sports science to fully develop athletes’ potential and competitive edge in becoming top regional medalists and gradually to international medalists.

14. UTILIZE professional coaching knowledge and skills for optimum and sustainable success that can contribute towards building a qualified pool of coaches in Brunei.

15. EMPHASIZE continuous coaching enhancement programmes locally and internationally.

16. EMPHASIZE the necessity of applied sports sciences, including but not limited to, sports nutrition, sports biomechanics, sports psychology, sports physiology  and sports medicine.

17. ADVOCATE the importance of sports science knowledge and prevention of doping towards target groups such as athletes, coaches, sports administrators, general practitioners, educators and students.

18. CALL for collaborative efforts between relevant ministries and departments that will contribute towards athletes’ welfare including, but not limited to, education and career development, incentives, personal development and patriotism through team building.

19. ENCOURAGE parents to be more aware and supportive of the sports cycle to ensure athletes’ sustainability and success.

20. DEMONSTRATE and MOTIVATE parents in acknowledging how balance between academics and sports will contribute towards a well rounded athlete through collaborative efforts with academics institutes by providing flexibility in their curricular in line with their training programmes.

21. REQUEST to be equipped with state of the art sporting facilities and infrastructure frame leading to the hosting of the Southeast Asian Games in 2019.

22. URGE investments in the building and upgrading of facilities and infrastructure that will boost high performance in sports, contribute towards tourism and integrate sports and physical activities across a spectrum of sectors such as health, education and economic development.

23. EMPHASIZE that all future sports facilities with strategic locations which are safe, accessible and eco-friendly to holistically   serve athletes and the community.

24. STRONGLY request for the establishment an institute of sports in Brunei to facilitate all the implementation of the resolutions derived, for a better understanding of the essential facets that will contribute to athletes being able to reach beyond regional levels.

25. REQUEST for integral funding considerations from the government and private sectors as partners (Public Private Partnerships, PPP) to achieve aims of developing and enhancing all sectors in the sports industry which in turn will contribute to the national aspirations in sports.

26. ENCOURAGE frequent dialogue sessions, networking, forums, workshops, conferences and conventions as a continuity to improve sports in Brunei.

27. CALL UPON all participants of this convention to collaborate with relevant parties on decision making processes, implementation and further acquisition of knowledge, that will contribute towards a greater sphere of influence for the future of sports in Brunei.

23 Zulhijjah 1433, 8 November 2012
International Convention Centre, Berakas
Brunei Darussalam


Awangku said…
I am thrilled to hear that our we will be building a new national stadium. I have a few suggestions though.

1. Multi-purpose: The stadium should be able to 'make money' as well just like Singapore's new National Stadium which is currently under construction (unlike Beijing's expensive stadium but remains underutilized after the olimpics). We can utilize the same concept, say by having an international convention/exhibition centre attached to the stadium, retail facilities and several other attractions. The iconic architecture of the stadium, therefore can increase the value of the stadium as a venue for sports, MICE tourism and retail. I am pretty sure that the government, the consultants, and the general public have many interesting suggestions on this as well.

2. Sports-village: Post event buildings can be utilized as part of the housing scheme (of course with several adjustments).

3. Location: The multi-purpose stadium can regenerate towns (eg London 2012). Thus, we can utilize this advantage by locating it in areas that has the potential. I support the Tutong District Draft Plan's proposal of constructing a new stadium in Tutong town. It can spur the development of the town and encourage business to open in the district. With a post-sea games residential areas built near by, the area can be used by the the community living there and thus, increasing the market. Hotels, tourist attractions and other businesses can be built and Tutong can be one of the catalyst projects into making a second urban centre in Brunei (under the new National Landuse Plan) along with SPARK in the Belait district.

This is just my opinion though, other people may have their own. Dear Mr Rozan, I am hoping to hear your say on this as well. I am very sure many of your readers are interested as well.

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