For sale

I remembered when I first started blogging, one of my earliest entry was about the state of our signboards. Most of our small businesess in Brunei are run by our South Asians friends and also by our ASEAN friends and these two groups are not Malay speakers. There have been too many signboards in broken Malay and broken English.

This particular signboard brought to my attention by a Malaysian fb friend is not in Brunei but in Kelantan which can be interpreted as either advertising human trafficking in another of our south Asian friends at a particular road in Kota Bahru or a misspelling the sale of the word Banglo located at that particular road in Kota Bahru. Obviously it is the latter and it is a mispelling (I hope!).  I am a bit worried that this mistake can equally happen to us in Brunei if we are not vigilant.

Note: An alternative view. One of my colleagues said this could be an example of brilliant advertising by the obvious misspelling.


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