Brunei 1962

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I found this photograph on the British Imperial War Museum website. It is an interesting photograph taken during the aftermath of the 1962 Rebelion in Brunei. It is a British soldier patroling on the roof of the State Secretariat Building in Jalan Elizabeth II.

You can make out the four British helicopters hovering on the background above the SOAS Mosque. You can also see the old Bandar Police Station to the left of the photograph. That police station obviously is no longer there.

The caption of the photograph from the Imperial War Museum website which gives more detail about the soldier and the British unit that was stationed in Brunei during that time, is as follows:

"A trooper of the Queen's Royal Irish Hussars on guard on the roof of the Government Secretariat Building, following the rebel uprising. In the background is the golden domed mosque in the centre of Brunei town, and flying over are four helicopters from HMS ALBION"


Ashraf Safaah said…
at first i thought it was dramatised in tv or something but i realised it's a picture only
Anonymous said…
Nostalgic picture.. My late grandfather was the one fallen hero in Temburong in 1962.

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