Begawan Paper Money

I never get tired of searching for the first ever Brunei's paper money which is this A series issued in 1967. Everytime I see it and with the right prices I would get them. These I bought off the ebay with ebay international prices and when I won it, I was quite surprised to see that the seller lived in Brunei. Anyway he contacted me and gave me his telephone number and we managed to save ourselves from paying postage costs. The seller lived in Tutong and I found out later that he was related to one of my aunties husband. Small Brunei world.

For some reasons, these notes still appeal to me and even though over the years the prices have increased considerably, I still continue to acquire them. I personally have not used these notes as these were issued in 1967 and by the year 1972 when I have started going to school, the portraits have changed to that of our present Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah. Of course in those days, none of us carry dollar notes to school. Only the wealthiest kid probably had dollar notes. I was given a 10 cent coin and it was tied to the corner of my handkerchief so that I will not lose it. By the time I was in the upper primary, I had about 40 cents I think. The value of money being what it is today, most kids have a few dollars a day.

Anyway, I digress. The Begawan notes were in their days interchangeable with both Singapore and Malaysia. It wasn't until the 1970s when the Malaysian economy was booming, the Malaysian left the interchangeability agreement. For a while, the Malaysian dollar had a higher value before it slowly went down until the financial crisis in 1998 when the Brunei dollar were equal to twice the Malaysian dollar.

If you have anymore of these Begawan notes and are willing to sell them, let me know.


Nuraini said…
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Anonymous said…
I have the satu ringgit begawan paper money, how much would it be worth nowadays?

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