Second Borneo History Seminar

The second Borneo History Seminar drew to a close yesterday. In terms of participants, this is probably one of the ones which drew a huge crowd of international participants. The Seminar actually is the culmination of a History Centre's activity Jejak Kesultanan Brunei.

In Jejak Kesultanan Brunei, History Centre's teams went out in search of Bruneians and Brunei origins outside Brunei. So their teams went to interesting areas such as Bolongan, Soemporna in Sabah, Pahang and other places where these areas are populated by Bruneians or Brunei origins. These people were invited to present papers in a Seminar and this Seminar is that seminar.

There were so many papers being presented that their sessions had to be done in parallel. And if your interest is multiple then it is difficult to go to all of them. This book which is compiled before the seminar took place covered about half of all the papers being presented during the seminar. These papers are the ones received much earlier by the organisers. The other half of the papers were brought in by the speakers during the seminar.

This book already contained interesting materials about Bruneians outside Brunei such as Masyarakat Brunei di Kota Marudu, Sejarah Pengiran Bagauddin di Pahang dan hubungannya dengan Brunei, Sabah and Sarawak dan Sejarah Status Gelarang Golongan Bangsawan Melayu Brunei di Kawasan Pantai Barat Borneo Utara. Other papers are specialised such as Wanita Brunei Dalam Spektrum Politik Sabah dan Panglima Gajah Tunggal Dato Setia Raja Tok Jebek bin Tok Akil dan Kampong Ayer di Borneo. About 22 papers are in the book compared to 44 papers that were presented during the seminar.

Over the next few weeks, I will try to go through and summarise the papers here for everybody to know.


Are we able to buy this book anywhere?
Shamri said…
Assalamulalaikum Tuan Haji, di mana kan mendapatkan buku ani, sound interesting...
Yes, the book is on sale at Pusat Sejarah bookshop in Bandar. It only cost $10.

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