Medicinal Plants of Brunei

His Majesty's reminder of studying local products such as herbs could not have come at a better time.  There are many aspects of Brunei which we do not have the time to study. It is not just us actually. For instance, I read somewhere in the US that over there, there are many things which have not had adequate research. You probably can find one subject which you can study in depth and find that no one had been there.

Time too plays a part. No one remembered what had been done in the past. My brother-in-law, Dr Yusof Mohiddin who was formerly the Director of Agriculture, before he retired showed me this book recently entitled "Medicinal Plants of Brunei Darussalam". This book was published eleven years ago in 2000.

This book is a result of the ASEAN Committee on Science and Technology (COST) which funded a project entitled Development of Therapeutically and Biologically Important Substance from Plants. The short term objectives was to identify, document and collect all known indigenous plants for insecticide, culinary and medicinal purposes. There were medium and long term objectives as well.

With our biodiversity, Brunei has comparative advantage in the area of natural product biotechnology. Compilation of these plants and hopefully someone else in the future can study and do further research as His Majesty had suggested.


Shamri said…
Where can I buy this book Tuan Haji?
You can try asking the Agriculture and Agrifood Department if this book is still available. Mind you, this was published in 2000, I am not sure if there are any copies available.

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