Retiring at Age 60

I saw this being forwarded round. I think it came from one of the Malaysian newspapers. It shows the scene of what a government office in Malaysia would look like with the retirement of civil servants at 60.

Brunei has introduced the 60 year old retirement for government staff who are non pensionable starting last year. So we are beginning to see the same thing happening here in Brunei.

When it was first announced, a number of people supported the idea that one can work up to 60. Though a number commented that there would be less entry for younger people to join the civil service. Personally I would like to retire at age 55 where it is at the moment for me. I for one am not looking forward to retire at age 60.


Anonymous said…
Agree. We should revert back to 55 and reintroduce the government pension scheme.
Anonymous said…
I think it should be 57-58. So that the older workforce has few years to accumulate retirement funds, but must make sure that they are debt free by age of 55. If end up paying debts instead, then 57-58 retirement age would be useless.

I dont think pension scheme should be re-introduce because it is expensive to pay for non-productive population. Instead, ask them to contribute back, as a mentor to young people and advisors.

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