Save Electricity

The Department of Electrical Services (DES) has published a new pamphlet with regard to the new tariffs that will be in place from the beginning of 2012. The tariffs will provide and help the poor and will penalise the heavy user. Hopefully with the new tariff, users will be more careful with their electricity and not waste it.

The new electricity tariff structure is:

0001 kWh to 0500 kWh = B$0.01 cents
0501 kWh to 1500 kWh = B$0.10 cents
1501 kWh Above = B$0.15 cents

The DES has also prepared comparison monthly charges between current usage with new tariffs:

Previously $30 = New $5.00 (500 kWh)
Previously $50 = New $40.00 (833 kWh)
Previously $100 = New $120.00 (1667 kWh)
Previously $150 = New $255.00 (2500 kWh)
Previously $200 = New $380.00 (3333 kWh)
Previously $250 = New $500.00 (4167 kWh)
Previously $300 = New $630.00 (5000 kWh)

Some facts:

  • Currently we have the highest energy intensity in ASEAN and is ranked 12th out of 198 countries.
  • The actual cost of energy in 2010 is B$2 billion and will be doubled by 2035
  • Government subsidies is B$1 billion in 2010 and projected to be B$2.5 billion in 2035
  • Brunei is one of the highest GHG emission per capita

So, switch off that electrical equipment that you are not using. It is going to cost you more in the long run.


Edward Robins said…
Save your electricity because electric companies regularly create electricity by burning fossil fuels like natural gas, oil, and coal. It makes a great contribution to air pollution and global warming.

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Anonymous said…
i would like to know the original sources for this post of yours..please email to thank you very much for your help~
I think I said it at the top of the post - it came from the DES pamphlet.
reginag said…
That might help. Promoting is a good way.

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