Brunei School Lunches

There have been many government policies in the past. However one of the best to me is the school feeding scheme. Today's students may not know it but in the 1950s when the Brunei Government introduced the school feeding scheme, it was a life saver to many poor school children living in the rural areas.

In the late 1960s and 1970s when I first went to school, the feeding scheme was much better. We went into the school's hall lining up and getting a plate each filled with rice and other food such as chicken and interesting vegetables. I acquired the taste for cooked bean sprouts and pumpkins during this school lunches.

This photograph from Sekolah Lela Mencanai brought memories of my old school in Bangar. A few of us students would go to the kitchen which was in another block and brought the food in metal buckets like the ones in the photographs. We would then pile the food using our own metal plates.


Anak Watan 2035 said…
Then what happen? Why did we stop it? Is it because we can not afford it?
Shamri said…
Hanya kawasan tertentu aja yg masih ada "feeding scheme" / skim permakanan iaitu daerah Belait. Mun daulu (10 years ago) kawasan kategori ulu ada ada skim permakanan. Meriah jua time atu makan sama murid2... Nowdays di ganti dengan skim minuman panas bagi sek-sek ren kawasan bandar + bantuan sarapan pagi bagi murid2 yang kurang berkemampuan....

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