Greetings from KL

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur!

I took a two weeks leave after Hari Raya so that my better half and I have time to visit our elderly relatives. We managed to visit quite a few of our elderly uncles, aunties and siblings. Some of them which we had missed over the last few years. I was glad I took that leave. Unfortunately I had to cut my leave short last week. I had to fly to Australia and Singapore with my other hat on as a member of the CSPS Board.

The CSPS have two major projects this year, one was the Alternative Energy Study and the other is the Optimisation of Land Use Study. It was the latter project which I am involved in. That's why if you had been trying to visit updates for the last few weeks, I have not been able to update the blog as often as I would have. I was away on leave and then flying off to Singapore, Melbourne and Brisbane.

I came back for just one day work and I had to fly to KL to attend the second meeting of the Regional 3R Forum in Asia organised by the Malaysian Housing and Local Government Ministry and co-organized by the Environment Ministry of Japan and United Nations Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD) with support from the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ). We are here to discuss ways to promote the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) towards achieving what the organisers said "resource efficiency and a sound material recycling society."

It had been ages since I came to KL for any meeting. About three years ago, my better half and my then 7 year old boy came to KL and stayed at the Sunway Resort. Today I am here all alone with three days of meeting and discussions. But KL is a place I always look forward to. Compared to most places, food is the easiest of all places that I have to go to around the world.

So, these are the two food I had to go have in KL which many Bruneians I know go for. The first is the famous Nasi Briyani Bukhara at Syed Restaurant Bistro at Petaling Jaya. The second is the Satay Kajang at Haji Samuri's Restaurant in Kajang. I leave the photos for me rather than for you to enjoy as I don't think I will be coming to these two places again for a long long time. Sigh....


Anonymous said…
Two must-dishes for Bruneian visiting KL. You should have tried the Briyani Bukhara Kambing at Syed Bistro. It is even spicier and juicier...sigh#%<!
baz said…
kolestrol, tia kena control tu hehe
indobrad said…
Greetings from Jakarta.

I was looking for blogs from ASEAN and came across yours. I must say that you're doing a great job in promoting Brunei to the outside world. I hope to read more of Brunei and it's aspects of life.

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