Puspa Hotel

I am just wondering who remembered this? Be the first to tell the world what happened to it.


Anonymous said…
correct me if i am wrong...isn't that building has become the Govt rest house?
Anonymous said…
well, it used to be the government rest house. isn't it now the recruitment centre for the Labour department?
Bruneian Dollar said…
Yeah I believe it is. I kind have a vague memory that I've seen the words "Puspa Hotel" at the back of my head. I really wonder what ever happened to it now. Where was the Puspa Hotel or is it still there? Care to show it to me on Google Map? :P
Sunnymoon said…
Not sure when this photo was taken, but I recognise the building as the former Government Rest House opposite Britannia House in Jalan Cator.

Interesting. I never knew that the Rest House was once a hotel. Proof of the old adage that we learn new things all the time.

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