Brunei Money Defects

This was in the cbox ** salwa: Mr BR, i discovered a print defect on our Brunei $1 notes. I compared it with one another, the defect one has a low upper sides and longer on the right hand sides. **

Actually I am not surprised. I remembered sometime in November 2006, one reader sent me a newspaper cutting of a news written in the Miri Daily Newspaper. Not many Bruneians came across that paper as it is writting in Chinese. I posted an article about it then. The link is here if you are interested in that old blog entry.

The news was about a currency note collector who was very excited as he discovered an extraordinary note. The B$1 note bears two different serial numbers on it. Mr. Yong said that he started to collect B$1 notes years ago, particularly those with the “golden” numbers of ‘6’ or ‘8’. To date, he has collected over ten pieces “golden” numbered B$1 notes.

In the news, he was fortunate to have discovered a note with “golden” numbers, as well as a note that has two different serial numbers printed on it. He presumed this is a printing error by the Currency Board. On the right hand corner of the unusual note is 4266868, however the left hand bottom corner is 833318 which he has never seen before.

[The note with two serial numbers.]

I was still at MOF when I posted about the news and I never did get round to posting what actually happened. An investigation was carried out and the officers went to see the him and certified that the note was genuine and it was not a fake.

So a quick check at our money printing company was conducted and it was verified that if I am not mistaken, the printing machine made a mistake and that one entire sheet had wrong serial numbers.

So when Salwa wrote about the print defect, it does not surprise me. We print billions of dollars and mistakes do occur despite our best efforts to ensure it does not. But in this case, there are about 30 other notes out there which has the same defect as the one received by the lucky collector. It is worth a lot. In the meantime, you better start taking a look at the $1 note in your wallet. They may be worth something.


siti salwa said…
Thanx Sir. Yes, in the first place I thought that the note is fake. But I ran a quick check on the note and discovered that the note is in fact genuine.. For sure, I'll be keeping that note as a collection. =)

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