International Airport

[Brunei International Airport around 1970s]

I had to hunt high and low for this postcard. Eventually one was offered on ebay together in a package with postcards of the Logan Airport in Boston which I used to use when I studied in the US and the Minneapolis-Saint Paul's (MSP) Airport which is an interesting airport as it is surrounded by Minneapolis, St. Paul and the suburban cities of Bloomington, Eagan, Mendota Heights and Richfield. I have no idea why the seller would sell the Brunei Airport postcard with those other two. Anyway, I bought all three cards.

This postcard of the Brunei International Airport shows the airport as it was completed in the 1970s. The most interesting feature is that it did not have any air bridge or aero bridge. Those were built much later. The original airport meant that you have to walk down the two ramps on either side of the airport. You can see the one ramp on the extreme left of the postcard. That ramp was demolished when the new extension was built. There is one remaining ramp if I am not mistaken. The last time I used it was around 1999 when I had to catch a flight to Brisbane connecting to Auckland for the APEC SEOM Meeting in Rotorua.

I remembered the time when I heard these two S* giggled when the steward announced welcome to Brunei International Airport. These two looked at the airport then at each other before giggling. I was much younger then and I felt like bashing their heads together. But then, what the heck... That airport was much more peaceful and served its purpose...


Anonymous said…
Looks like RIPAS Hospital now...huhu..I was not born yet back then but it is good to know how things have developed over these passt few decades...(y)

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