Laila Rice Cookbook

When I attended the Padi Laila harvesting ceremony the other day, every guest was given a souvenir bag. Inside the bag, among other things, were an apron with the Padi Laila stitched to it and a recipe book entitled "Hidangan Beras Laila - Dishes from Beras Laila".

The book contains recipes and I have to admit, beautiful photographs for 30 of Brunei's delicacies:-

Nasi Ayam Laila Bersambal
Nasi Briyani Laila
Nasi Kebuli Ayam Laila
Nasi Hujan Panas Laila
Nasi Goreng Belutak
Nasi Goreng 5 Ulam
Bubur Laila Misteri
Nasi Gulung Laila
Sotong Sumbat Laila Berempah
Bingka Dadak
Bebola Nasi Laila
Lapis Talam Laila
Katu Mayang
Nasi Kuning Laila
Pulut Bakar
Si Bujang
Seri Muka

Most of these dishes were selling like hot cakes during the ceremony. I bought some and they taste the same as whatever rice they used before Laila. I bought the rice too and had it the other day, to me it looked and tasted more like the special 'beras kabun' that you buy from the Tamu.

According to Agriculture Department, Beras Laila contains micro-nutrients, carbohydrates, low fibre and higher levels of protein compared to Hom Mali (Thai) rice. It is also of similar quality to other locally-produced rice such as 'Beras Pusu' and 'Beras Adan,' in terms of energy, fat, carbohydrate and fibre content. Meanwhile, the protein content in Beras Laila is higher compared to other locally-produced rice.

Anyway, the book is available from Agriculture Department and hopefully they have by now been able to deliver this book to the bookshops and sell it there. It cost $6. If you are searching for this book in the bookshops and happen to come across my new book, The Golden Warisan Volume 2, you know what to do. Buy both books!

Are the recipes easy? Some are. Some you need to know how to wrap them. Some you would need special moulds which unfortunately are not shown in the books. But then most people I realised buy cookbooks not to try out the food but to have a look at the food. So buy the book and hope that it will come hand one day, if ever.


PS. FREE BOOKS. This is the last time I am stating this. I am giving away 50 copies of my new book The Golden Warisan Volume 2 (so far I have given away 4 books) to history students. All I ask is that you send me an email stating your name, your form, your school and your school history teacher and if okay I will email you back for you to come and collect your book. I won't be doing any more reminders on this blog, so there. Earlier I placed a limit of one book each and no more than two students per school, but I am willing to accept more than two students per school seeing that there don't seem to be much interest. Last Offer.

The book is also available, not for free, at Best Eastern, Bismi and Book Lane bookshops throughout the country for $15 each. For that you get 52 articles in 334 pages and tons of black and white photographs of old historical Brunei and scenes that you will never ever see anymore in Brunei.


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