Harvesting Laila

Information Department's photograph of His Majesty harvesting Laila padi yesterday.

This is a very nice photograph from the Brunei Times of His Majesty harvesting Laila padi yesterday with a very delighted Minister of Industry and Primary Resources.

A picture is worth a thousand word. Two pictures, much more.

I was speaking to a former army commander who now runs a 30 acre padi plantation in Labi about the rice yesterday while waiting for His Majesty to arrive. I asked him about the Laila padi as well as his thoughts about being in the rice industry. He has been planting it for the last few years and he is satisfied with it. You can get around 3 to 5 tons per hectare and the government pays each farmer around $1.60 per kilo of rice. He only has 2 workers to cover his 30 acres but heavily mechanised. With all the modern equipment plus govenment subsidies, it can make a good income to be in the padi business. Food security is a price we have to pay for.

Yesterday too saw the launch of a recipe book for the Laila rice. It was on sale for $6 yesterday. The rice and other products made from Laila was also available for sale yesterday. The souvenir for the occasion was interesting yesterday. It was an apron! But whatever it is, the Laila rice is here to stay and we are on our way towards self-sufficiency.


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